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Anton Carpena the Disabled Everone should have the Right to Medical Help

I have been a disabled person since Jan 2011 in receipt of Disability Allowance at the Hugh este for care to have someone with me at all times to prevent substantiinal danger and the low rate mobility brlecause i got lost and to aviod danger how ever i was Being refused medical help locally só i went elsewhere as a disabled person who was refused medical help só i have had no medical help since Nov 2009 I was loosing my memoey and email password and on my birthday i dos not realise it was my birthday which was odd. I was also having Server headaches and my mother uses to say i was taking to many tablets, I had Just had my eyes tested but i was having blurred visíon and wondered ir the guy had fone a bad job but in all reality that was his job theré was other issues that made me realise somethibg was wrong with me When i requested access to information in relaton to a serious knife attack on 2 Nov 2009 I was in shock in disbelief as the statemenrs were wrong the doctor Said i had a 5cm laceration to my head and Said i was hit on the top of my head with a glass causing my would When i also had q four inch woulnd that every doctor Said were causes by a knife which i already knew The fact Is i took a heavy blow to the head fronm a bottle that smashed upon impact and i went unconssious Since then i have realised somethig was wrong and what i was experiencing was not mental health related what i was experiencing was brain related and with the access to informarion from the CPS that was fabracated i was a vulnerable adult on the Dick since 2001,not unemployed On 3rd Nov there Is a 8 Page statement contaning worda like vacinity where i would say área plus i was taken away at 4am although it was to late to give a statement and i was on medicatiion só i was not able to make a statement 8 pagea long as on 2Nov the nite of the attack i have 2 pages at hospital although i cant relember the doctor said i was arguementative which Is not like me could i not have been agertated as i took a blow to the head and went unconssious I want people to understand that i have no prognosis as i have been refused medical help but what i am experiencing Is the symtums of a traumatic brain injury that Is having a serious affect on me and the way i live my Life as i get no form of support not even a hospital This has taken me a hour and a half to write i hope you can understand it if not thats.because i need help to write letters

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